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Style Different types Earrings like Pro

In today's era, many types of unique earrings are available. From delicate to stud earrings or large hoops, make the whole world beautiful with these jewelry pieces.

If you are finding more about earrings for women, the best online boutiques will help you. Yet, they also guide some rules which need to follow and avoid some common mistakes.

If you are speaking about mistakes, we found the most in our experience when women don't match their earrings to their face, hair, and clothes. Here we are not talking about the easy rules of dangle earrings. However, it would help consider your hair color, texture, and face shape when choosing earrings.

Types of earrings

You can find perfect combinations from our trendy boutique; we also provide creative designs. But, of course, it depends on your shape, and different types of earrings are here.

Drop, dangle, and stud all are elegant and special; however, studs are versatile and tine, or proper for all occasions. While hoops are simple and come in different sizes. In this article, you will explore some matching rules that different types of earrings with:

  • Your hairstyle and color

  • Face type

  • Fashion style

1. Face shape and earring

This type of face shape is described by a wider forehead and a narrow pointy chin. It is bi confused with a heart-shaped face, can balance the inverted triangle face shape, making your jawline wider. With this face, the teardrop earrings can create the illusion and accent of your beauty!

2. Oval face

Any earrings this oval face feature allows you to wear. Simple stud and drop styles earring ornament emphasize your lovely cheek and face elements.

3. Long narrow shape

For this type of facial feature, it is best to wear circular earrings. Which accentuate your face, the circle shape jewelry like hoops, clusters, and short dangles.

4. Outfit and earrings

It is important to consider the earrings' style and your cool outfit's idea. There is no rule about what specific outfits you should wear with earrings. Somethings you should consider:

  • The fabrics

  • The color

  • Outfit style

  • The neckline

If you wear jeans and a tee, then earrings do not work; with the dress, you will not get a look without earrings. The rule is this jewelry reflects the type of fabric.

The neckline is essential not only for necklaces but for many types of jewelry. Tassel earrings will clash the neckline when it comes to color and printed outfits. According to many colors and prints, choose ornaments to complete the look. Last but not least, style your jewelry is crucial cause these pieces hang the highest on your body.

Hairstyle and earrings

Hair length and earrings

Your lovely long hair makes a fantastic look; short hair means more freedom when talking about jewelry. With short hair, you can wear any style of earring and look amazed. For a more sophisticated look wearing long earrings with short hair.

Earrings and hair color

If your hair color is gold, then platinum earrings give a great look. However, when we talk about other colors, then you should give more attention while choosing. Having the blond hair color avoid white jewelry. Moreover, the contrast pair look amazing, so that sapphire will give a gorgeous look.

Different hairstyles and earrings

Most of us tie up the hair; it will look nice and provide proper balance to our face. Wear the dangle earrings or try teardrops; they always give a subtle look.

In final touching:

A Women's boutique always finds stunning designer earrings at a fair price. So first, get the high-quality, stunning, and delicate earrings pair or gold cover texture jewelry. Then, visit our store and opt for the unique collection for your next pair.

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